World Wind Energy Report 2009 «

World Wind Energy Report 2009


World Total Installed Capacity [MW]

• Worldwide capacity reached 159,213 MW, out of which 38,312 MW were added.

• Wind power showed a growth rate of 31.7 %, the highest rate since 2001.

• The trend continued that wind capacity doubles every three years.

• All wind turbines installed by the end of 2009 worldwide are generating 340 TWh
per annum, equivalent to the total electricity demand of Italy, the seventh largest
economy of the world, and equalling 2 % of global electricity consumption.

• The wind sector in 2009 had a turnover of 50 billion !.

• The wind sector employed 550,000 persons worldwide. In the year 2012, the wind
industry is expected for the first time to offer 1 million jobs.

• China continued its role as the locomotive of the international wind industry and
added 13,800 MW within one year – as the biggest market for new turbines –,
more than doubling the installations for the fourth year in a row.

• The USA maintained its number one position in terms of total installed capacity
and China became number two in total capacity, only slightly ahead of Germany,
both of them with around 26,000 Megawatt of wind capacity installed.

• Asia accounted for the largest share of new installations (40.4 %), followed by
North America (28.4 %) and Europe fell back to the third place (27.3 %).

• Latin America showed encouraging growth and more than doubled its
installations, mainly due to Brazil and Mexico.

• A total wind capacity of 200,000 Megawatt will be exceeded within the year 2010.

• Based on accelerated development and further improved policies, WWEA
increases its predictions and sees a global capacity of 1,900,000 Megawatt as
possible by the year 2020.

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