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Driving Renewable Energy



“The harnessing and implementation of renewable energy brings sustainable practices around the world. It is evident that there is always a decline in the non-renewable energy source as we use a bit of it every day. In order to maintain a balanced way of life, the renewable energy should be used along with the non-renewable energy. The production and use of these sources should be made to the maximum. This is a global issue which implies to and becomes a priority for every nation. The developed countries have given their utmost privilege to the fulfillment of the basic needs and amenities to every individual where as the developing countries are in the struggle phase,” says Mr. Amrit Singh Thapa (Wind Energy Specialist).

Nepal being a developing country facing political turbulence is assumed to be a minority in the case of bringing the renewable resource use to a greater level. The Nepalese government is unable to take the initiative to empower wind and solar energy generation as a basic renewable source of energy even in the state of crisis. This is the case of the country’s political but not the geographical scenario. The country which is profited by a topographical hierarchy suggests its ability to bring renewable sources of energy into a new level. Wind and solar energy which can tap electricity and renew as per necessity have the maximum ability to change the daily economic status of the people. “The villages of the hills and terai can benefit from the renewable energy usage and the community will generate income for a sustainable living,” says Thapa.

Wind and solar energy are the main renewable resources which can be co-related with other renewable technologies. It creates a hybrid system that can be practiced in areas of the country with contexts which are the most feasible. This will eventually drive the country towards development from the renewable energy aspect.

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