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Himalayantimes Daily Newspaper, 28 August 2011, Nepal

Valley Suited to Windmills

Kathmandu Valley – Wind Power


Baseline and Feasibility Study by Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC), 24 August 2011
Kathmandu valley is facing enormous energy crisis from the past years. The tendency of crisis is rising due to the government upheaval and exaggerated plans leading to failures one after the other. This entails us to think from a wider perspective and make [...]

Driving Renewable Energy


“The harnessing and implementation of renewable energy brings sustainable practices around the world. It is evident that there is always a decline in the non-renewable energy source as we use a bit of it every day. In order to maintain a balanced way of life, the renewable energy should be used along with the [...]

Renewable Energy Village in Nawalparasi


In the present context, the urban areas of the country have been facing load shedding of 16 hours. In such scenario, Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC) has met the rural area Beshar Danda, Nawalparasi District with renewable sources by commencing the project on Wind and solar Hybrid System. Most of the terrain of hills and [...]

UK opens world’s largest offshore wind farm

Published: September 23, 2010

The world’s largest offshore wind farm off Thanet in Kent is to start producing electricity.

Construction started a year ago at the £780m wind farm, which can be seen from the coast on a clear day, and is expected to generate enough electricity for 240,000 homes.

With the 300 MW Thanet Offshore Wind [...]

Wind/PV with Diesel hybrid sytem


where electricity is not available

Combination of renewable source of energy such as wind/solar with diesel generator appears to find increasing appeal in implementing decentralized electricity generations system for remote places of Nepal. The addition of diesel generator to the renewable source of energy provides power on demand, improves reliability and reduces the initial [...]

U.S. Energy Use Declines, Renewables Increase

California — A new government study shows that Americans are using less energy overall and making more use of renewable energy resources.

The United States used significantly less coal and petroleum in 2009 than in 2008, and significantly more wind power. There also was a decline in natural gas use and increases in solar, hydro [...]

Can fuel cells power the future?

Alan Boyle writes:An electricity-generating fuel-cell system known as the Bloom Box sparked a huge buzz in the energy debate six months ago – and since then, still more ventures have surfaced to promise better living through chemistry. Will future fuel cells make good on those promises? We should know in the next couple of years.